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Customers are Key

Marketing a business in today's digital world sounds easy, you put up a Facebook page, start using Instagram, or try that thing trending on TikTok. But all of that means nothing unless it gets you what you want: Customers

Our Services

Website & Social Media

Social media is like a walking advertisement to push people to your website.

Driving traffic from social media to your website is imperative.

Let's get people from looking at your portfolio to choosing your business.

Documents & Content Creation

Your brand says a lot about your company. From the logo and the color(s) chosen, to the font type and the words, it is an expression of yourself and your company.

Your professional content plays a vital role in why your customers choose you and what you offer.

Consulting & Strategy

Every company owner or manager needs a fresh perspective from time to time. We all need customers, better marketing, and to be in 10 different places at once.

Let's discuss your problems, strategy, marketing, efficiency, product needs, and more.

Social Media - DIY or Monthly

Website - Creation and Updates

Content & Presence

You've got me

As a small agency, I only take one client per industry. That way the business gets my full attention and there's no competition or accidental similarities in design. Another perk of using Whited Web Services is that once my team and I get to know you and your brand, we'll keep an eye out for other marketing opportunities that are specific to your market, audience, and goals.



No False promises

I promise you that by committing to a strategy, following the marketing plan we develop, and communicating with me, your clients, and customers, you will be in a much better position to receive fresh leads, continued business, and company growth.

When you choose Whited Web Services, you are choosing a company that has helped multiple businesses and non-profits see an increase in views, sales, awareness, and conversions.

A free consultation is always available to discuss where you were, where you ARE, and where you want to GO!

Website Services

Prices Vary Depending On YOUR Individual Needs.

For the DIYer.

A simple website tutorial and training.

​5 Pages: Home, About, Gallery, Blog, Contact

Resource List:​ How-to Guides.

One-on-One: Planning Meeting, Tutorials, DIY Maintenance Training

For the Budgeter.

Full website & seasonal/quarterly upates.

6 Pages: Home, Blog, About, Gallery, Contact, Industry Specific

Resource List: Industry specific.

Maintenance: Seasonal or quarterly updates.

SEO: Meta Data and Alt-Tags.

Analytics: Quarterly Report.

For the Don't Have Time-ers

Website, monthly updates, & SEO.

10 Pages (+/-): Home, About, Blog, Gallery, Industry Specific, Contact, Other Pages

Maintenance: Monthly website updates.

SEO: Advanced, Meta Data, and Alt-Tags

Analytics: Monthly Report.

Extra Services

Specialized Services

  • Video editing

  • Newsletter creation

  • Social Media

  • Digital Documents

  • Extra websites & pages

Price Varies

Call to discuss your project!

Focused Services

  • Chamber connections

  • Content calendars

  • Live video and/or photo

  • Recorded Interviews

  • Brand monitoring

Price Varies

Call to discuss your project!

Social Media Plans

Prices Vary Depending on YOUR Individual Needs.

Basic Social

  • One (1) hour discovery and consultation.

  • Set up or clean up of social presence on two (2) channels.

  • One (1) Month Content Calendar.

  • Two to three (2-3) posts a week for the month.

  • Two (2) Hour Training.


    How-To Guide on Canva & File Management.

Advanced Social

  • Monthly analytic reports.

  • Monthly calendar &

    content creation.

  • Two to three (2-3) posts per week.

  • Monthly newsletter.

  • Post on up to three (3) Channels.

  • Monthly Check-In.


    Guide on industry specific engagement ideas.

Premium Plan

All of Advanced Social Plus:

  • Three to five (3-5) posts per week.

  • Posts in different groups and pages.

  • Messenger management.

  • Posts on up to five (5) Channels.

  • One (1) site visit each month for content photos and videos.


    Video editing included!

Social Media - Three (3)-Step Process

1.) Ideation

You will have a half-hour (30 min.) call each month (near the end of the month) to go over content for the following month.

2.) Creation

A calendar and content schedule will be built and sent for your review. Edits will be made as needed.

3.) Analytics

An comprehensive analytics report will be sent to you along with a monthly invoice about a week after the new month starts.

Training Option

I'm currently building a library of "How To" guides and will be creating classes around the materials. Is there a marketing component you'd like to learn about?

Send me an e-mail!

We Can Help You!

Creating a digital presence with downloadables, graphics, calls to action, search engine optimization, emails to your database, ads, and so much more is time consuming.

Is it time for you to get help with your marketing and reputation management? Do you just need a consultation or fresh ideas?

Other Services

  • Video Editing

  • Ad Designs

  • Social Media Posts

  • General Graphics

  • Website Design

  • Newsletter Template

  • Notion Guides

  • And Much More!

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